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The grassroots pro-Corbyn group Momentum has said it hopes to get at least 2, activists out in the constituency in the run-up to the election on Thursday, as well as mobilising at least 4, local members via its phone bank.

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The criticism comes after a week of difficult revelations for Labour. The EHRC announced it would launch an investigation into anti semitism in the party, and Labour was forced to suspend a member of its governing body , Pete Willsman.

JEWISH POLITICS: Presidential Candidates Make Their Pitch

Willsman, a member of the national executive committee, suggested in recorded comments that complaints of antisemitism were being whipped up by Israel, and that 68 rabbis who wrote to the Guardian about their concerns had been co-ordinated by the Israeli embassy. The Peterborough byelection is taking place because the former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was subject to a recall petition after being found guilty of lying about a speeding ticket.

The election is expected to be a three-way fight between Labour, the Conservatives and the Brexit party. She was the first MP to be ousted using a recall petition. More than one in four registered voters — Why did people here look so miserable? What did they have to be sad about? They were rich, everything worked, their lives were incredibly easy. The cool reception he got from many ordinary Berliners as soon as he left campus reminded him of the bad days back home.

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The way some people on the street and in shops looked at him made him feel uncomfortable. That indignant look as if he had done something wrong, or was about to. The first time he went to a public library, he noticed that one of the staff followed him down the aisle and watched him from a few meters away. As if he was going to slip a book into his bag.

Jewish groups say Labour should disown Peterborough byelection candidate

Or make a bonfire of Goethe's works and dance around it chanting. He had worked hard to polish his German and knew it well enough to realize that strangers were addressing him with the informal " Du " rather than the formal " Sie " they reserved for fellow Germans. It was a little thing but it irked him, and he wondered if the whole of Europe was like this. Even before he left Cape Town he had been warned about attacks on foreigners in eastern Germany. But he was 28 and knew how to look after himself. And he was determined to make the most of his time here.

He shut his eyes and thought of the sandy beaches back home. You'll feel at home, David.

The train was a cherry picker. It stopped at deserted, run-down little towns. At Eberswalde, three skinheads got on the train, cackling loudly and carrying a crate of beer. As they moved down the aisle, one of them spotted David, pointed and shouted "Look, a Negro!

The Jewish Candidate by David Crossland

From Hottentottenland! The three skinheads sat down next to the blonde girl and watched David.

Two of them looked like twins. They had expressionless blue eyes. Doc Martens boots, military-style trousers and bomber jackets. Their eyebrows were almost white.

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The third man was obese, with a flabby gut spilling over his jeans. He wore a black T-shirt with some Gothic writing. He stank of sweat.

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As David looked around, he noticed that the relaxed chatter from the handful of other passengers in the carriage had stopped and given way to an expectant, nervous silence. The fat youth leaned over and gawped at him. You go home to Hottentottenland!

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The Jewish Candidate

They clinked their bottles. David looked at him, shook his head and turned away. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. The man raised his voice, feigning offence. You hear me? I talking you! This is Germany. We want no Nigger here.

The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate

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