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It is better to do one thing well than start and stop ten. Spiritual retreats, whether at home or at a retreat center, are a great way to recharge. They can help you realize that the way you normally live is not necessarily the way you have to live. However, in order to really bring more awareness into your daily life, you will find that you also need some kind of reminder at home.

This can be a short morning meditation; for instance, simply watching your breath while the coffee is brewing, or taking an hour each weekend to read a spiritual book. However, if you want to use it as a tool to transform your life, you must use it as a mirror on your own life, personality traits and relationships. When you share a beautiful quote on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, take a moment to really let it sink in for YOU in that moment.

Turn away from the screen and take a deep breath, thinking about the quote you just read. Katinka Hesselink is an online entrepreneur and spiritual blogger at All Considering. She has studied religion and spirituality for more than two decades, including theosophy, Western esotericism, and Buddhism. Meditation quiets your mind, calms your senses and opens your heart. Through the spiritual science of meditation, you can experience the peace of direct personal contact with God.

Meditation is not an emptying of the mind. It is the highest form of concentration in which the mind is focused entirely on God. Do not be discouraged if your attention drifts and worldly thoughts intrude. Simply begin again as if you had just begun. Continue your practice faithfully, with no expectations, and cherish whatever blessings come your way.

Briefly sit in silence and solitude after completing your practice in order to build a bridge of serenity between your meditation and the impatient world that awaits your return. In time, with enough patience and practice, you will be able to access a deep inner stillness wherever you happen to be, no matter what is happening around you. But enriching your inner life is only half the equation.

If the peace and unconditional love you feel in meditation is not expressed through your every action, then you are not truly living a spiritual life. The goal of meditation is not to avoid the world, but to live in it more consciously and fully in ways that serve humanity. Practicing the presence means keeping your love for God in your thoughts as often as possible and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with God.

Just as a parent treasures every expression of affection from a beloved child, so too is God touched by your every expression of loving devotion. What is devotion? It is not outer activity but inner restlessness that distracts you from God. Consistent devotional prayer generates a virtuous circle.

Every prayer elevates your consciousness, bringing you closer to God, and bringing you greater peace and deepens your devotion, inspiring you to pray more frequently. Affirmations help you tame the chaotic rumblings on the edge of your consciousness and replace your negative thought patterns with positive ones. What is an affirmation? It is a positive statement that a specific intention is already true.

Affirmations are an easy and effective way to reshape the way you look at the world. Train yourself to think more positive, loving thoughts and you will live a more positive, loving life. The affirmation becomes a promise you never have to fulfill, a giant loophole that gives you free reign to continue spending your money foolishly until you finally decide that you are ready to act responsibly.

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If a change is envisioned in the future, that is where it will remain. Remember, the law of attraction states that the Universe is a giant copy machine; it does not judge your desires, it simply responds to your thoughts by giving you more of the same. But, you might protest, such statements are not true; you do not spend your money wisely and you are not thoughtful and considerate. Not in the least. You are not lying to yourself, you are reprogramming your subconscious; each time you repeat an affirmation, you are positively reinforcing that programming.

More importantly, remember that your soul, your essence, that spark of the Infinite within you, is perfect and magnificent, with capacities beyond your comprehension. Therefore, whatever you affirm will indeed be true on the deepest, most meaningful level imaginable. An affirmation is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gradually, through the consistent use of affirmations, your conscious intent is absorbed by your unconscious mind; you begin thinking and acting in ways that support the affirmation and accelerate its manifestation.

Over time, you grow into and finally become the person you wish to be. Indeed, affirmations are more about internal transformation than external outcomes. As you authentically become what you affirm, the affirmation evolves from a desire for change to an expression of gratitude. Affirmations are a wonderful way to neutralize years of bad mental habits and the negative internal chatter that plagues us all. He enjoys spending time with his daughter, watching baseball and inspiring people to live positive and loving lives.

Email him at philbolsta mac. After a couple of years of reading books about Buddhism and fumbling through attempts to meditation, I became a member of a local Zen center. The energy of practicing meditation in a group is different from doing it on your own. Both are great in their own ways, but being part of a group makes it easier to keep going when things get tough. In addition, friends on the path can help you see yourself better, and illuminate strengths and weaknesses you might not unearth on your own.

You will also have numerous opportunities to serve and support others, which expands your experience beyond just yourself into a more holistic, interconnected expression of spiritual life. Given that spiritual teachings tend to be subtle, complex and layered, it usually takes years of study and practice to digest them to a level where they fully impact your life. In fact, through that devotion to Zen and yoga, I have actually become more able to hear the teachings of other ways.

Simply put, having a spiritual mentor with more experience on the path your interested in can be an immense help. This person can offer you insights into the history, teachings and practices. They can be a mirror for you, so you can better see who you are in the world, and how you might want to become in the future. Teachers and mentors come in all shapes and forms. Relationships with teachers and mentors might be for a specific period of time, or they might end up being lifelong, or nearly lifelong. Nathan Thompson is a creative writer and Zen practitioner.

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He has been a student of yoga for more than a decade and is interested in exploring both the big questions of life and everyday details. Find more of his work on his blog Dangerous Harvests. When you come to a full understanding that you are a spiritual being, and all the things that go along with that understanding, such as meditation and prayer, a connection to all life, compassion and love, and a true appreciation of being alive, daily problems and challenges will become easier and lighter.

Meditation and prayer are important because they not only put you in touch with the Divine, but in touch with yourself. Meditation and mindfulness becomes a beautiful opportunity for spiritual enrichment. When you receive guidance during meditation or prayer, it comes to your uncluttered and still mind with clearness. Within your quiet and peaceful moments you open your connection with the world of spirit, allowing yourself to receive messages of love and divine inspiration, in addition to conversing with God or the Divine Source, your angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.

Meditation relieves stress and puts you in touch with your higher self. It also allows for intellectual communication at a cellular level.

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In the slightly altered state of meditation, much like the daydream state, the life force energy flows much freer throughout the body, and with the free energy flow, the chakras come into balance, and into alignment. It is a time of cleansing and healing of the body, mind and spirit. We can think of ourselves as a rose bud, which first begins as a small green nub and then begins to form the petals of a rose within.

As the petals take shape and form, they evolve and grow, soon bursting open and revealing themselves to the world. And as the rose continues to grow, absorbing the rays of sunlight and soaking up nourishment which filters up from the roots, it continues its evolution, expanding, filling out, and maturing. It then becomes a beautiful, flourishing and thriving rose. Life is growth, from our first helpless cry at birth to our last breath. Life is also a personal journey and we make our choices along the way, and observe our outer world in the way we choose. We also see our inner world with our eyes alone.

It is there in our inner world where we shape who we are and project an image out to the world around us. We are many things and we change moment to moment as our perceptions change: perceptions of ourselves, as well as perceptions of the outer world. We are meant to grow, to learn, and to come to new understandings. That is our soul purpose, but the choices are ours. Peace, as with love, has to come from within.

In order to reconnect with peaceful and content feelings, one has to reach inward and rediscover that place of centeredness. Taking quiet time for ourselves, or quality time spent with our loved ones, walking in the woods, or along the seashore and connecting with nature, or quietly watching a beautiful sunset will do wonders to relieve stress and bring a sense of peace and oneness with all of life. Linda Pendleton is a fiction and non-fiction author. Her lifelong interest in spirit communication, metaphysics and the paranormal has influenced her writing and research.

What it does mean for me is that all the faith-based debates are over. We are extra-dimensional, spiritual beings having a physical experience on this Earth. That simple reality makes all of us subject to the limitations and demands of our amazing, slightly funky form. It comes from having the same problems we all seem to have with the way our feelings feel, and our brains think.

If the recognition of my true, inner spiritual nature helps me witness those feelings and thoughts as being sort of unavoidable physical processes, maybe I can temporarily remove myself from that unnecessary mental noise and emotional turbulence, and center myself in the calm, intuitive intelligence that arises from deep within us all.

That way we can restart each day with a little spiritual peace. So my first tip is just to recognize that tip of our spiritual iceberg. Tip number two consists of calling out that false sense of being separate that we all have, and then finding real compassion in our hearts.

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Plainly put, the rest of my metaphoric iceberg is our world itself. It really does stand to reason that we are more or less all the same thing here. Every occupant of our planet experiences the same consciousness, the same thoughts, feelings, hopes and losses, filtered through their form. So we really deserve to give each other a break, knowing how difficult this life can be on everyone, and everything.

My third suggestion is to try to get a handle on just what medium our iceberg is afloat in, and how it all seems to work. It really appears to be a kind of a beautiful quantum soup. A field of sorts, made up of two parts love, one part raw creation, destruction and pure, unimaginable potential.

Each of us channels consciousness, and so engages and animates each of our worlds; and then together or often not , we create the world we live in. The medium of our material evolution is the creation, destruction and potential part. The medium of our spiritual evolution is love. What we are giving to our world is what we are receiving from it, always.

What we are contributing is how we are creating. So my third tip is recognizing the source and power of our creativity. To be more spiritual, we just have to do our best to experience the medium of love, and to personify it, the best we can. Trying out these tips can be pretty transformational on a day-to-day basis, too. Did I cheat by adding those on? All of these suggestions for leading a more spiritual life set a high bar, I know. His book, How to Survive Life and Death , can be found on Amazon , and at all major bookstores — but remember to support your local bookstores, too!

How can we become more spiritual in our daily lives? I put this enormous question to my beloved guides during meditation and asked for three suggestions. They responded:. Love fuels all existence. Experiencing love is like experiencing time. Consider how humankind caters to time continuously. Time cannot be seen, felt, heard or tasted, yet various devices provide the assurance of staying in and on time.

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As a clock is to time, breath is to love. Still, silent attention to breath creates vitality for clear and nourishing spiritual growth. A daily practice connects to a deep understanding of who you truly are. A loved one would share a dollop of starter with a traveler. It was carefully carried from one location to another to be used for preparing a life-sustaining breakfast food. The traveler knew the starter must be kept in a container with a secure lid. When the container was opened, a liberal amount of starter would be used.

Since the mixture would continuously grow, the vessel had to be large enough to allow for expansion. If the starter was not used, the vital mixture would ooze from its container and flow without purpose. Each human on this planet chose this incarnation to serve humankind during this greatest of transformational periods.

Humans are slowly remembering this purpose. There is no need to seek greater spiritual status. You are masters, co-creating this period of rising frequencies and higher dimensional levels. You have merely forgotten. As you read this material, we welcome your awakening. A deep resonance in your soul tells you this is true. We leave you with great appreciation for being of service to you.

Amy MacLeod is a builder of spiritual conditions. On her blog , she shares actual life events in which messages of love are embedded — and spirituality grows. To others, it may be the joy of giving, or completing a difficult challenge, or surviving a near-death experience. It is a rare follower of Christ who has the 9 characters of the fruit chiseled into their memory; it is difficult to reach goals without having set established goals emblazoned in our minds.

But, just like following a complicated cooking recipe, we need to have a checklist in our minds to CHOOSE the best action to take. We are just ignorant. Carey, maybe I misunderstood, but I thought this article was challenging us to assess our own spiritual maturity, not to bludgeon others for their apparent lack. I often find myself revisiting Romans to be reminded of my need to surrender myself daily, not conforming to a worldly mindset, rather, being changed daily to become more like Christ measuring myself against His standard, not others and further cautioned to not think more highly of myself than I ought.

It is difficult to see myself as better than I am if I measure against Christ. I am not yet who I want to be, yet I recognize the progress God is making in me by the power of His Spirit working in me and I press on, knowing if I walk with God and pursue His will above my own, my will becomes more aligned with His will, my mind renewed, my life transformed, Christ glorified. This is my prayer. I appreciate your work and pray God continue to bless your ministry as you glorify His Name.

Outstanding Carey. Letter to Ephesus seems to indict them for extreme truth but no grace. I use Facebook a lot and wow some of the comments blast me for bringing up the lady caught in adultery and Jesus said, Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more. I was invited to a Spiritual Leadership meeting where we were all given a list of questions. The first question was: Are you producing all the fruits of the Holy Spirit on a regular basis?

I had a feeling that answer would cause raised eyebrows so when it came to group sharing, I let others speak. Sure enough my group was agreed that they all did not produce fruit, hardly ever and they fell pretty pitiful with their fruit output. They all said basically that they were all fruit impaired. They quizzed me for my response.

I said I that I thought that I was aware of feeling like spiritual things were happening in my life and I believed that often spiritual things happened and I might not even notice.

Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man

They all said yes. My hope was to demonstrate that the spirit of God that is alive in us, is going to bear fruit if we are seeking to serve an follow him. What is going on? Are these people all being modest? Is it possible that dedicated life long believers think that Christ in them is bearing no fruit? Thank you, you expressed a lot of my thoughts, only with much more grace than the clatter in my head. My biggest sin issue as a new Christian — born again nearly two years ago — has been judging other Christians. It has been a real struggle — I am not pleased with myself.

The church is the world. None of us are wholely sanctified. Only Jesus could say that. I do not consider myself to be extremely spiritual, I am a Christian, raised Catholic- but have since found a lot of issues with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I have not been able to find a church that feels like home to me since moving from Michigan to SC in February of I have grown in my relationship with God since moving here as I have had to put all of my faith in him, moving so far away from all those that I loved, all that I knew and was comfortable with and start over with nothing.

I was saved in after the birth of my daughter and began my journey to healing. I was convinced that I was mentally ill after many attempts between the ages of to take my own life. I felt trapped by my abuser with no way out and that was the problem- I was isolated from the rest of the world or anyone that could actually help me.

I gave it to God. I live where my abusers live… crazy as that sounds, but I forgave them. They are still abusers, mentally, but I do not react to their abuse- that is how I know that I have grown. They had convinced me to move down here telling me that things were going to get really bad and that the end times were near. They created such an urgency while telling me how much they loved me and my family my 4 kids and husband and that we would all stick together, take care of each other through the hard times.

Things have changed with them since we have moved here though. My sister has become dependent on her daily dose of wine because she says she cannot sleep. My mom is here and remarried, she only talks to me when she has to or needs something. My sister and her do everything together and though it bothers me that I am never included- I am not like them, I do not agree with them their values, their judgements and lack of compassion or lack of emotion. This is hard. Christ and Paul were fairly clear that when we love we fullfil the law and more. Love is about relationships, not about following a set of rules.

So mature people teach what it means to love, which is truely a life long endeavor. The imature need boundaries to help them move into maturity. When these people get into leadership positions, they start of force their boundaries on others.

Super Spiritual Faith Food for the Spirit Man -

If you break their rules and you are still a Christian, it invalidates their belief system. So they will struggle against you. This is why Paul says that he will fit into each belief system, so that he can teach. However, everyone has have an ear to hear or be teachable. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Definitely some good stuff in here. This can be a tricky topic. No one is going to be perfectly mature on this side of heaven. If anything is true, we all are absolutely in need of growth in this area. Whether one has been walking with Jesus for 1 year or 60 years.

Humility is definitely needed alongside growing in maturity. I think you are on to something with our lack of understanding about sanctification. We most often think of it in terms of things. I am being set apart from culture to piety. This never seems to lead us to look deep enough into ourselves where the real work of redemption needs to happen.

I am learning that sanctification means I am being set apart first and foremost from myself flesh to a truer union with Him. What an amazing lifelong process that is! My view is that, some other false markers of maturity in church are the processes to ascendance and subsequent positions that earn people without demonstrable grace and truth in them, the power to wield against those who are seen to be lower in rank…. And even now you are not yet ready, 3 for you are still of the flesh. Hebrews 11About this we have much to say, and it is hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing.

You need milk, not solid food, 13 for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, since he is a child. What do I think? The truth and grace dichotomy worked in either inversion is well described here and we all need reminding. Ugh… LATE. But woah… This article speaks to all the flailing, squirming, and unsure insecurities within myself.

It sure confused people. I was termed as troublesome and scarey. It served for many laughs in those days. But anyhow, Christians would all come up to me to instruct me upon the wrongness of my actions and that I needed fixing. It lacked Grace. But moreso, I see all of what was intentional in how God works. It hurt. A lot. It was pathetic, and thank God that he smack-turned me around after all these years.

Thus now today! I realize God does yearn for us. Not in us ourselves, cuz if that was that in any case, this conversation—NAY, Jesus. Christ The Savior would just be another man in the streets yelling propoganda. Thank God for that. Though there are many a follower in Christ, Jesus did make clear mention of wolves.

I like this article. Controversy and struggle, trial and perseverance are great for wheedling away falsity from Truth and Grace. This article was the bomb! Thanks man! And God bless your way onward! But I think number 5 is just plain wrong. Just a thought. I came to the cross less than a year ago. There are people in my church who say they did it 50 years ago.

But frankly, they struggle to feed themselves. I see more humility amongst my atheist family and friends than in them. Carl Lehrburger. Okwudili Eze. Sherri Granato. Lady Mary Hatter. Spirituality for the Dropouts of the School of Life. My Journey with the Lord. Deborah A. Breaking Through In Prayer. My Dream. Rosario Wilson. Haunted Islands in the Gulf of Maine. Marcus LiBrizzi. Deborah Harrison Coleman. Spooky Texas. Paul Hoffman. Listening to the Voice of God.

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Project-Based Language Learning with Technology. Urban Environmentalism. Peter Brand.

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Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man
Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man
Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man
Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man
Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man
Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man Super Spiritual Faith Food For The Spirit Man

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