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I sat a couple of boxes away from Elder Bednar at a baseball game a couple of months ago. Yeah, nothing.

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It was exciting to see role models and exciting to be in the presence of such valiant men of God. This is purely my experience and what it means to me. I guess I thought that I would have some profound spiritual awakening or deeply personal revelation when I touched their hand. I half expected a shock wave of the Spirit to rush over me, bringing me to my knees.

I thought I would receive a soul-shattering witness from the Holy Ghost that this man was indeed an apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Nope; Just saying hi to David and Dale. As it turns out, mortals are the only beings God has to work with on this side of the veil.

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  6. And as Elder Jeffrey R. So should we. Todd Christofferson was visiting my stake and saying hi to members outside the building on the lawn. Dale G.

    Renlund had just gotten off of the plane in Tonga and was loading into the caravan of authorities headed to the hotel. Just another work day with another client. We hear such epic stories from history and then expect modern apostles to behave with equal sparkle all the time.

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    But guess what? They can make mistakes. Solanus OFM Cap. Personal Challenges Schadenfreude. A kinder world St. Mother of the Church Have you experienced suffering? Spirit is in our hearts Humility and Peace St. Go make disciples Do we love God? Moment of silence please Interior Life is for all Franciscans! Can we hear Jesus? Short Life of the B.

    James & Jesus Shake Hands

    On Loving God - St. School of Christian Perfection 2. True Order in the R. Church 3. Jesus today among us 4. How St. Francis did Penance 5. Aspects of Poverty 6. Souls in Purgatory Prophecy Fr. Francis short history Thomas of Celano Excerpts.

    shaking hands with Jesus?

    Global Warming. It is our nature, but we are human, and occasionally we experience a period of spiritual dryness. That can easily happen during the holidays We all experience it. In everyone's life there are ups and downs. The only problem is that some of us have no one to share this spiritual loneliness with, and that makes it hard.

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    There are periods of self-sufficiency and a spiritual resiliency that carry us through our everyday problems, but when things get rough, our house of cards tumbles and then this loneliness engulfs us. Some years ago, there was loneliness in my life, but most of all, I saw real loneliness when I visited folks in the Hospital, as a Special Minister of the Eucharist, to bring Jesus to them, around the Holidays. There are more people who wish you to sit down and spend an hour with them than at any other time of the year. Yet, in our loneliness we are never alone. When we believe in Jesus and when we have a consistent relationship with Him, the spiritual morass once again becomes orderly, and Jesus, through His wisdom and love, leads us forward.

    This loneliness isn't always that we're alone, away from relatives and friends, but sometimes we're also lonely because we are away from Jesus and His Mother.

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    And so it was, when I felt this loneliness in past years, usually around the Holidays, that I asked someone to pray with me with the very intention of straightening out my spiritual downtime. And it helped.

    What I was expecting

    And something else helped: a handshake or a hug. I was chatting with a friend one day, and I told him that I was in a spiritual valley, and he said that it wouldn't last long Many people claim to listen, but they don't.

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    When there is no real compassion, and just an off-handed reply, such as: "Well, that's life! But the friend I was talking to did care and he gave me a light hug, and that little pat on the shoulder did me a lot of good.

    Shaking Hands with Jesus Shaking Hands with Jesus
    Shaking Hands with Jesus Shaking Hands with Jesus
    Shaking Hands with Jesus Shaking Hands with Jesus
    Shaking Hands with Jesus Shaking Hands with Jesus
    Shaking Hands with Jesus Shaking Hands with Jesus

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