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Seiko Presage Prestige Line Enamel Dial, now with Spring Drive

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  • Introducing the Seiko Presage Prestige Line Enamel Dial Spring Drive Refs. SNR037 and SNR039!
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  • Seiko Presage Watches On Sale | Free Shipping Worldwide.

Toggle menu. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. I struggle a bit to know why you would want one of these.

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I got it fully charged and then just left it. It ran for 7 months.

Presage Mechanical 6R

It keeps good time. Its appearance as with all watches is personal taste so hard to compare with Presage which I think looks good. I personally have great respect for the Spring Drive. I mean, every watch on earth is adjusted and regulated using a piece of computerised kit.

Introducing the Seiko Presage Prestige Line Enamel Dial Spring Drive Refs. SNR037 and SNR039

Seiko just gave you a nano-sized one with every watch. The techical challenges were enormous. Two grand I can live with. Setting a Presage against Omega, Cartier, Tudor in-house et al is not only ludicrous, but also insulting.


Seiko have nothing I need at these prices. Phil Spring drive and Kinetic are far different.

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  • Seiko Presage Watches On Sale | Free Shipping Worldwide.
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Search for:. Dial: white or black enamel dial - stylized Arabic numerals. Strap: Cordovan leather strap - three-fold clasp with push-button release.

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Price: EUR 4, These have included Shippo enamel, urushi lacquer, and Arita porcelain dials as well. These two latest models both have fired enamel dials, as well as power reserve indications a typical feature for many Presage watches but they also both have, for the first time in the Presage collection, Seiko's signature Spring Drive automatic movement — the caliber 5R The only other difference between the 5R65 and 9R65 movements is the finish, and given the similarities between the movements, you might expect to see somewhat more premium pricing for the Presage Spring Drives, and you would be correct.

Pricing see below is in entry-level Grand Seiko Spring Drive territory, although I suspect that were these Grand Seiko watches, with such features as diamond polished hands and markers and Zaratsu case finishing, they would be, with a fired enamel dial, significantly more expensive than these Presage Spring Drive watches. The inclusion of Spring Drive movements in the Presage Prestige line seems to be a fairly clear indication that moving forward, we'll see Spring Drive increasingly used across most, if not all, of Seiko's collections; Spring Drive has been used in the Galante, Credor, and of course Grand Seiko collections already, as well as appearing in main-collection Seiko watches sometimes with a moonphase complication. From a design standpoint, these are even more classic than is usually the case for Presage — generally, Presage watches have had curved lugs that flow into the case, but the straight lugs on these enamel Spring Drive Presage watches give them a very mid-century flavor, and the dial and hands will remind Seiko enthusiasts very much of the first Hattori Seikosha Laurel watch, which was a wristwatch produced in and which also had an enamel dial.

These promise to be quite handsome watches in the metal.

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