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Reward Yourself

I wanted to stop this maddness many times and just set this book aside. But I kept going forward. The 2nd half I started to feel like I was reading Bridget Jone's diary the same elements were there. Her close friends her silly humor and the open mouth that gets her into trouble. I have read too many good books lately that are still singing in my soul to give much more to this one Oct 06, Amy H rated it liked it Shelves: radical-red , new-adult.

Krista was in an abusive relationship. She was with a very attractive ok, let's start off first, with that i had a lot of mixed feelings about this book, and i was very disappointed She was with a very attractive guy who gave her a lot of attention. That was until he started beating her. She was out with her girlfriends when he overheard a conversation. He automatically thought it was about him, and he let her have it. Krista was able to move away with a protection order.

That didn't stop him. He broke it a couple times, and continued going to jail.

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That was until he started threatening her thru her social media site. Then that was the end of it. Thru the rest of the book you heard nothing about the evil ex boyfriend. You cannot began the chapter with that he is back and going to kill her and not bring it up again. Krista just graduated college, and got a good job as a researcher. She is socially awkward, and seems to embarrass herself a lot. She has a lucky mug that makes her feel very confident. That was until a very hot guy broke her mug. She was in shambles. She was not going to fall for his charm. She knew what guys like him were like.

Krista ended up being pared with this sexy guy on a work project. She stunned everyone with her job ethics and proved that she wasn't a little kid out of college. She was promoted and got a office to herself. She was still talked about, and people thought she was sleeping with the womanizing man that got her that promotion. She vowed that she was not going to sleep with this man. Krista really had to fight this temptation.

She was turning her boss into a man that he always wanted. Apr 19, Victoria nocturnalintimacy rated it it was ok Shelves: romance-y , Free kindle read. I almost put this one down.

Don't get me started about the roommate's dream painting. The corporate structure of this company is laughable, so that was hard to accept. She's nerdy and funny. As the story progressed, and the camaraderie between the team grew, I found myself enjoying the dialogue. That brings me to Sean. He's a douche. Not just in the womanizing slutty way that the main character classified him. Krista's epiphany where she announces that she trusts Sean is completely unwarranted. He's done nothing really to make her trust him, but he has manipulated her repeatedly.

There better be some amazing redeeming qualities to make him a worthwhile love interest IMO.

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  5. So, yeah. The low rating comes from a horribly rough beginning, and a feeling that the author didn't research her roles, plus the ending is incomplete and continues into the next installment. Feb 21, Alison rated it really liked it. This one was long but I couldn't put it down. The story was really the about how these two had demons and slowly the walls were coming down. Aug 23, Brianne rated it liked it. And then it ended. BUT, I don't know if it ended well enough to make me want to continue the series Aug 22, Coco.

    Aug 08, Aimee rated it it was ok Shelves: This was another freebie I had gotten.

    The Lost Clan Series

    This was better than some, but mostly I had trouble making myself sit down and read it. There wasn't much to go on for Krista's background. Her boyfriend beat her, she was in a really bad situation, he put her in the hospital. She had her moments where she froze, but really, she seemed worried about Sean's womanizing ways which I would worry about that too.

    The author barely touches her history and expects to to play out through the story.

    Lost & Found Series by Nicole Williams

    It's hard becau This was another freebie I had gotten. It's hard because I was never really connected to Krista at all and felt very little for her. It was hard to connect with her and her past. There were some cheesy spots where she does something klutzy. I think the author played this aspect up too much. The 7th or 12th time it happened, it wasn't charming. Does this girl close her eyes when she walks or turns corners? I used to have a horrible habit of looking at my feet when I walked and I never once had it as bad as Krista does, running into everything.

    Once or twice is funny, after that it makes me wonder what drugs she's taking. The story was interesting enough to keep me reading, but there was a lot that left me completely unsatisfied. At the beginning, Sean start to suspect something about her bad past. Someone had hurt her. Soon that idea fell from his head. It did mine too, to be fair. Krista wants him but doesn't want to want him. So she starts dating a guy she really doesn't like, so she can have sex. I'm all for girl power, but this doesn't make me easy with her background nor the romantic interest between the two main characters.

    Sean is a womanizer. He's supposed to stop his womanizing ways because of his interest in Krista. He doesn't. Instead he gets a guilty look on his face when he gets busted with another office romance. It doesn't speak well for his character. I'm not sure I like this couple, to be honest. Sean didn't want to make a move while they were working on a project together.

    Smart idea. Sleeping with your team members can be a problem. Especially if you break up. So obviously Sean is going to get over that at some point in the next book or two because they are on the same team again. Krista, the socially awkward girl with her womanizing boss, Sean. I don't care to read more to find out. Mostly, it was a boring book with barely a story I wanted to finish. The work related stuff was tedious and boring. So this book ends abruptly. I would say in the middle of a chapter really. I was reading along and BAM! The end.

    The hell just happened? The author felt no need to wind it down for the next book. It could have been done better without throwing the reader into the wall going into the turn. Poorly done and not interested enough to actually buy the other two books to find out what happens or anything else this author may put out. Sep 22, Crystal rated it really liked it. Krista almost didn't survive her relationship that she had with her ex. Now she can start over and become a new woman. She starts a job at a company being a researcher.

    Her boss is a little boring and to say her working environment is pretty different. Seems like no one like the research team and they normally stay to themselves. That is until Krista is put on a project and seems to make a name for herself. Now Sean wants her on his main project because he knows she can do it. Sean is a womanizer Krista almost didn't survive her relationship that she had with her ex. Sean is a womanizer and he does it to get to the top of the ladder.

    Reward Yourself

    Seems like every time he is doing something with a woman at work Krista catches him at it. He has feelings for her but his friend tells him that he better change his ways or it will cost him what he want the most.

    Something that Sean doesn't take his words to heart. I just can't see what to make of Sean. I know that there is something between Krista and Sean. I just can't make up my mind if she should or not. She knows what he does and she still wants him. It seems that her old relationship didn't change her as much as she thought. I really got into this story and Krista really surprised me like she did everyone else. She is smart and knows how to get the job done. I can't wait to read the next book.

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    I have to see what happens next. Dec 24, Ally Doerman rated it liked it Shelves: new-adult. I wouldn't normally read a book like this, but it was free, so I got it on my Kindle. I was expecting it to be a cute love story, not a really long and boring book about the business world. For someone who isn't in that part of the business world, I had no idea what was going on half the time. I felt like the author over-explained a lot of things and then didn't explain enough of others.

    I kept reading and kept reading, hoping that Sean and Krista wou I wouldn't normally read a book like this, but it was free, so I got it on my Kindle. I kept reading and kept reading, hoping that Sean and Krista would finally show their feelings for each other I really enjoyed the humor and how awkward Krista was.

    I was even laughing out loud at some parts like when Krista bites him. I died! But the whole business thing took away from it. There was just too much detail in there. I did, however, purchase the second book because I really want to read about the romance part of Sean and Krista's relationship, and I am so far, much much more interested in the second book. Not believable -- heroine is too badly behaved for a workplace romance The relationship is between the h and her boss. He's the stereotypical nice guy that everyone thinks is sleazy.

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    Something Worth Having by C. What could go wrong? It was very emotional, but also very funny, too.

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    Kindle Is this book no longer free? The way a travel book should be written.

    Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4) Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4)
    Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4) Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4)
    Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4) Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4)
    Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4) Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4)
    Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4) Lost or Found? (Series #1 Book 4)

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