In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not

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You are probably not stupid, insane or wicked; and ignorance is no crime in a country with strong local traditions of interference in the freedom of biology educators to teach the central theorem of their subject.

Yet scientists are required to back up their claims not with private feelings but with publicly checkable evidence. Their experiments must have rigorous controls to eliminate spurious effects. And statistical analysis eliminates the suspicion or at least measures the likelihood that the apparent effect might have happened by chance alone. Paranormal phenomena have a habit of going away whenever they are tested under rigorous conditions. Why don't the television editors insist on some equivalently rigorous test?

Could it be that they believe the alleged paranormal powers would evaporate and bang go the ratings? Consider this. If a paranormalist could really give an unequivocal demonstration of telepathy precognition, psychokinesis, reincarnation, whatever it is , he would be the discoverer of a totally new principle unknown to physical science. The discoverer of the new energy field that links mind to mind in telepathy, or of the new fundamental force that moves objects around a table top, deserves a Nobel prize and would probably get one. If you are in possession of this revolutionary secret of science, why not prove it and be hailed as the new Newton?

Of course, we know the answer. You can't do it. You are a fake. Yet the final indictment against the television decision-makers is more profound and more serious. Their recent splurge of paranormalism debauches true science and undermines the efforts of their own excellent science departments. The universe is a strange and wondrous place. The truth is quite odd enough to need no help from pseudo-scientific charlatans. The public appetite for wonder can be fed, through the powerful medium of television, without compromising the principles of honesty and reason.

There are barriers that we have set up in our minds and certainly the barrier between Homo sapiens and any other species is an artificial barrier in the sense that its a kind of 'accident' that the evolutionary intermediates happen to be extinct. Never the less it exists and natural barriers that are there can be useful for preventing slippery slopes and therefore I think I can see an objection to breaching such a barrier because you are then in a weaker position to stop people going further.

Another example might be suppose you take the argument in favour of abortion up until the baby was one year old, if a baby was one year old and turned out to have some horrible incurable disease that meant it was going to die in agony in later life, what about infanticide?

Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with. A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. The topic range I have seen roberts posts to be informative and at times entertaining may make you think again before you make comments about other members of this site.

The mighty Robert's posts have been rather poor. Hey mate my post was intended for awful truth, so one would assume that your paranoid delusions of granduer the every post may be directed at you in someway is wrong. I have not replied to any of your posts as from what I've read your belief in the "magic man" is enough for me to show you the contempt I think you religee freaks deserve. Upper case writing is like shouting in the real world and that being the case, your christian values are shining through brightly with all the compassion and understanding to your fellow man It was upper case for the sole reason of that being the 4th time I have had to repeat myself because nobody can follow the comments.

I never said I was a Christian either as I have already pointed out. Upper case is emphasis in this instance. As I pointed out I have not conversed with you up until my reply to your act of grandeur so it appears to me as shouting. So you believe in god? See the Urban Dictionary definitions, take your pick of which you prefer. That fact you had to pat yourself on the back and double post it, as if that somehow makes your idiocy more palatable?

Robert wasn't 'looking to others to think for him', he was disputing the other person trying to use that tactic, you must have missed Robert say; "Once again, Newton's belief in a supreme being does not prove the existence of one--and neither does anyone else's, famous or not, genius or not. This documentary has less then 1, People that think for themselves? Religious people are not being told what to believe but think for themselves.

Rrrigggttt, whatever you say, Awful. Your 'truth' is once more, as usual, very Awful. You should reread your little proverb, and think harder before continuing to confirm your status by opening your mouth when you're incorrect. There's no doubt with you, that's for sure.. I never said it did prove Gods existence what is your malfunction? Read the comments properly or be quiet. No 'urban dictionary" will change this fact, thus your retort is as meaningless as Robertallen1. Raising comments to defend what I was not making reference to, shows absolutely poor comprehension skills, and for all your bluster, swearing, rude remarks it does not change the fact science will never answer everything.

Your false sense of superiority stems from your believing faith in what others have told you to be true, ergo, you are unable to think for yourself, accepting what they tell you, no better than those who follow a religious doctrine without questioning it's premise. If your position was so sound, you and several others would not have to keep trolling the same documentaries attacking newcomers, using the same lame meaningless argument to debate something that can't be debated.

This only 'proves' that you have no desire for the exchange of ideas regarding the possibilities of existance, and you are left to live soley in the realm of physicality, "where your journey to the dark side will be complete. By "they," do you mean those knowledgable in their subjects who can produce hard evidence for what they claim, as opposed to those of your ilk? Is there some realm other than physicality?

Can you prove it scientifically, i. And if you can, what's the matter with it. Haven't you learned by now that when you provide a quote, you must also provide a source? One way or the other, entropy is not the dark side. In short, by taking refuge in what you cannot prove, you're the one with a false sense of superiority, in short, the dummy, not Docoman.

You came in to give your 2 cents worth, which as shown is a load of cr p, worthless dribble. Try to deflect all you like, you're a fool that's wrong. Just ingest some more corporate pablum, and all will be well in the peanut gallery! I see you're still dripping your half chewed bolus from your skull-encased reticulorumen onto your keyboard and thus onto us here and posting your wannabe BS.

Hello too d1ckhead. Just think of the profound insights you could have expressed, had you not forgotten to take your medication! And that's what makes it so intellectually despicable. I'll be open-minded when the evidence comes in, but so far there has been done. Another moronic post from you. Here was my response:. We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people" Carl Sagan.

You believe in God? A scientific theory has much more substance than your invisible man made deities that dwell only in the mind. I follow Science and have an interest in Quantum Mechanics. If everything amounts to vibrations of energy and waves and particles are not either until observed does this not challenge your "if it is not testable in the lab then forget it" outlook? I mean all physical laws break down at the quantum level so how are you going to test anything?

Yes a Scientific theory will have more substance seeing as spiritual matters are intangible. If Carl Sagan who I admire but disagree with on that one issue believes Earth is insignificant then who am i to challenge him? The universe creates the solar system which creates life and then not only that but creates a self aware and thinking being is anything but insignificant. The next minute I scroll down to find you postulating about wiping religious people out you crazed extremist.

You really are dangerous. You are nothing but a little Nazi wannabe I have seen you for what you really are. And calling your points valid does not make them so, just as calling something Christian does not make it so, just as calling a person sane does not make him so. On the other hand, calling you a despicable, low, disgusting liar certainly makes you so, for it is based on your posts, especially your last.

If they fight among themselves, that's not my problem. Let them kill each other for all I care. Then, as I said, the world might start to become a better place. Care to join the fray? You're downfall began long before your first post on this thread. And Newton pursued alchemy and the philosopher's stone and thought himself one of god's chosen--now, why don't you go figure. It swept me up, and I've been involved in sending space craft to nearby planets to look for life and in the radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

But, the stakes are so high on whether it's true or false that we must demand the more rigorous standards of evidence —precisely because it's so exciting.

That's the circumstance in which our hopes may dominate our skeptical scrutiny of the data. So, we have to be very careful. There have been a few instances in the [past]. We thought we found something, and it always turned out to be explicable. Last time for me Was Newton known as a genius? Yes he was. You would love banning religion and killing its adherents you little tyrant. BTW where is Warefare because my mum needs some pottery? One thing I find with you religee's that is certain, when backed into a corner and run out of things to say always resort to ad hominem attacks, Eh?

Your mum? Yes the earth is insignificant to the cosmos, it is so small it disappears, and the sun is but a pixel, where does that leave us little tiny carbon units, we are nothing but a fleeting Planck memory. And certainly your infinitesimal brain wave activity invisioning all your deities amounts to absolutely nothing! LOL No wonder you people have such fatalistic attitudes. Makes one wonder why you even make the effort to understand science when you are so meaningless.

With that line of thinking, your time would be better spent getting laid, or drunk! Now I see what the problem is. You can't get laid and you get drunk after just one beer. Sour grapes, creationist style. How loser is that. At least I am rounded off!

You are drunk on your gods. He is watching you, you better pray and be a good boy now, or no heavens gate. Considering by your own admission you are 'rounded off ', LOL well rounded people like myself have no need to pray for that which I already have. Better spending your time getting laid and drunk now, than wasting time praying for it in the next life ;. I can only assume so, but I do assume it was a small fortune. Quitting smoking 15 years ago gets to be more of a money-saver every day, too. Once again, I find myself working at tackling smoking again. For the record, there is lots to live for, and napping is a good one!

Getting laid and drunk everynight would eventually leave you feeling empty, alone, confused and in bad health. I know this is a joke and normally I would laugh but coming from you it is the same boring diversion tactic it always was. Ah, the morning after the night before. To stave off all of the above, try a full English and the hair of his dog. Failing that drink water, sleep the day away and swear you'll never do it again Haha, bang on. Take water to bed and important drink it during the night. Failing that the English works a treat. You speak like you are an authority on the matter? Did the cosmos tell you this?

Have you expanded your mind to overcome petty human considerations and lift yourself up to contemplating not just human existence but the entire cosmos Not really. I do lead a life away from the internet. Questioning Carl Sagan? I would read the posts had someone not deleted some of them. Are you an authority on the matter? And you can only contemplate the cosmos backwards up to a certain point, namely the big bang.

Beyond that Time itself didn't exist for there to be a beyond in.

Hawking: no God behind the Big Bang

So if you suppose a god that can somehow exist outside of time, you are still left with the problem of what sort of action such a being could possibly take to do anything, since time is required for any action. Even if you could somehow get past such a problem i. So people should wander through life without belief until they can back it up? You have it backwards. People form beliefs then test them with experience and alter them accordingly.

In fact it is silly to argue such things. Either way works. You start off with a hypothesis not a belief and work from there. And the answer to your question is yes. God If you can't, then you are the weakest link. As usual you have it wrong--and deceitfully so. If you claim that there is a higher being God , the burden of proof rests with you.

The word is existence. Your bi-polar brain A or Z, nothing in between is incapable of recognizing that the vast majority of life is a colorful grey mixture of considerations, requiring conscious thought beyond your simple binary comprehension. I can at least respect them right or wrong because they went out on a limb, and played a hand at life, unlike you who attack, and denegrade others from the safe confines of your limited mind. No 'proof' exercise in futility in the universe, will save you from yourself.

Live dumb, and fester! If you can't provide the proof, then don't assert--and this goes doubly for any supernatural claims such as those you often and so ignorantly make. You have a pathetic habit of stating that something is true based merely on your assertion. This makes you the loser and a pathetically despicable one at that.

The only one making the assertion that their statements are factually true is you. You really are not that bright, are you? As Jim Carey so eloquently put it, Looooossssseeeerrr. It must just eat away at these people, that some of the greatest minds in scientific history, didn't have this internal conflict regarding science, and faith.

It is a strong likelyhood that this is why they were such successful thinkers, that is to leap beyond logic, imagining the possibilities of existance. So what? Are these people known and revered for their science or their religion, with one exception, the latter being a product of their time? Secondly they knew no more about the "spirit," than my neighbor's Dachshund. Your claim about Einstein's spirituality was debunked long ago and soundly by several posters. So bringing it up again is just another example of your dishonesty and distortion.

Tracts in divinity: By W. Hawkins, ... [pt.2]

You're beneath pathetic and contemptible. Proves your comment to be er You are pathetic. Funny you mention a dog because it instantly brought to mind that a dog probably has more soul than you. Emotions are just neurons and chemical reactions the whole universe is nothing but cold mechanical chance.

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  • Is Santa Coming To Visit?.

Such a grim and hopeless outlook. I thought I was a pessimist! Wrong as usual. They know no more about god and the spirit than a dog, a cat or a platypus. One way or the other, If you can't prove there is such a thing as a spirit, don't claim that there is and don't try to use "the majority of people's beliefs" and "the sum total of human belief throughout the know history and beyond [as if you know anything about the beyond]" as anything approaching proof. In their own fields? That is just you trying to justify your dumb belief that people who believe in a God are stupid. Twisting words again with "so in other words".

Beyond was not meant in some magical ethereal sense I simply meant the future because in all probability the belief in God will carry on for a long time barring extremists like yourself. You should just admit defeat and retract that silly statement you made otherwise you look the idiotic one. Your diversion, misrepresentation and general twisting of any argument plus the fact you will not man up and accept you are wrong on such an obvious point makes me laugh.

You have to accept that intelligent people more so than yourself believe in God. Bobbie Fischer was a genius in chess--and nothing else. Mozart was a genius in music--and nothing else. Georg Cantor was a genius in mathematics--and nothing else. No one is an all-around genius. So yes, the term is restricted, whether you acknowledge it or not--but you don't know and that's your problem.. This makes trash out of your pathetic and ignorant appeal to authority--but then again, you don't know and that's your problem.

Belief in something for which you have no evidence represents the height of idiocy, no matter how long it may carry on, no matter who carries it on, no matter how many carry it on and your posts constitute no more than a clumsy attempt at defending the inherently inane, the intellectually indefensible. Like theists, they are all over the place. I've often wondered how many there were back in the days when the church held sway?

Perhaps there were a few popes, bishops, cardinals and nuns among them, all making robust livings out of organized superstition--maybe the mothers superior weren't so superior after all. Wouldn't it be the height of hilarity to discover that Christ himself was an atheist? Talk about eternal laughter. The fact that some scientists have been categorized on wikipedia, not for their science, but for their lack of spirituality, is hypocritical, especially if you believe that part of their nature is irrelevent to what they have contributed towards society.

Every one of the scientists cited as atheists on Wikipedia have separate articles about their scientific accomplishments. Once again, you've shown yourself to be a liar and a cheat. It's a pet peeve, ignoramus. The russians have continuously trounced the americans at chess over the last 40 years, which is why they were so happy when Fischer finally won. With that said, no chess player should be bestowed with the term 'genius' unless it is a 11 year old beating a 50 year old grandmaster. Talk about nonsense, and babble! The fact that Kasparov himself wouldn't agree with a single word you just wrote about Fischer is evidence enough of your authority to speak about Fischer's chess genius.

And for your information, the 13 yr old Fischer soundly trounced Donald Byrne, a much older, strong national master at the time , in a game that is still called 'the game of the century,' and is studied to this very day for the chess brilliance unmistakably evident throughout it. Grandmasters even now are known to be effusive in their praise of this effort by the boy.

Furthermore, the Soviets had a state-sponsored chess program that no other country had anything even remotely like in terms of resources or underhanded tournament strategies and tactics , and Fischer went up against that colossal engine all by himself, with nothing like any of these resources, and walloped the piss out of all of them, considering which, if you were honest, would make what he achieved just that much more clear for you, that the man was indeed exactly what he has been called by those who should know.

One way or the other, I'm sure you realize my post was not about Mr. No, I know. It was a general thing. I've just got kind of a soft spot for the tragic Fischer, and felt like this guy needed to be set straight a little bit Which I still think, really. I don't believe he actually does know the first thing about chess. But I do believe him when he says his goal is to tick you off And as you mentioned, his goal says a lot about him and his physical challenge to me about a year ago says even more. Pysmythe: I appreciate your affection for Fischer, and it was not my intention to diminish his accomplishments.

I just question the label genius I tried to explain this to you in my last blog. I too enjoy playing chess, and if you wish, perhaps we can enjoy a friendly game on line. For the record, if robertallen1 was more respectful, and chose his words more carefully, all of this could have been avoided. He made the mistake of calling me a coward, a threatening statement which had nothing to do with the discussion we were having, so I called his bluff and stated any time, any place.

One of the moderators reminded us of the rules, and I apologized, and he didn't. With that said, he hasn't said it since. Now he is crying you a river, because deep down inside, even he knows that his behaviour is adolescent at best. Obviously, he is well educated, but his delivery has no redeeming qualities what so ever. I will be more than happy to bury the hatchet with him, but as long as he continues to be-little everyone who don't agree with him, I will be there measure for measure to remind him how it feels, and enjoy doing it.

Now, what I have just stated is completely honest, and direct. Either way, now you know the rest of the story! Take care, and best wishes. If or when Robertallen1 called you a coward, it appears that his evaluation of you may be correct as I've seen you avoid or side step direct questions to you on a number of occasions. Don't be scared to prove me wrong and to help you on this challenge here are some of the questions you never seem to want to answer.

Over the edge has asked you these questions today yet your cowardness or rudeness has still not shown any respect to other members of this site. Of course I have answered over the edge, because he is talking normal, and for all your bluster, your time would be best served 'jacking to the max', instead of trying to prop up an individual like littlebob, who obviously needs professional help.

Man, you pencilnecks grow like weeds, coming out of the woodwork! I think with out both docoman and myself prompting you and agreeing with Robertallen's appraisal of you we would still be waiting for an answer. You hypocrite. You have made previous statements on name calling and insults that now are complete lies again as robert and doco have pointed out on numerous occasion now.

I would have no fear in calling a coward to your face, however I doubt you would insult or be as rude to me or to anyone for that matter in person. Your insults to me and others lesson my opinion of you and respect is something that all must earned and then not kept without working hard at displaying those qualities that the respect was earned from.

I also noticed that you replied to docoman yet you never answered his question he put to you, another cowardly act shining through. However that is your MO from what I've seen from near on all your discussions I have seen you in on most threads I've seen you post on. If you had ever tried to have a informative conversation or debate with the other members of TDF a more pleasant and possibly enlightened experience may be achieved.

I have had debates and conversations with Robert and others since being a member of this site, may not agree with all however conversation are still very interesting and informative at times yet always stimulates my mind. May-be the hostilities towards you are instigated by your efforts to provoke rather than converse. Sometimes I am not online for a week. Perhaps your clik will give you a hero biscuit for your efforts, but in the real world, all of this amounts to zero.

Since I am in charge of myself, I get to decide when I wish to respond, as do all of us. You will just have to learn to live with it! I can hardly wait until for JackMax' response after he looks up the word pencilneck as I did. Is it masochism or a cry for professional help? Keyboard, Bruce Lee read want to be warriors, would not understand the restraint some people are displaying if their real life achievements were known.

I lose respect for personally insulting instantly and with that as with another now "departed" member of TDF, I'm just showing him the contempt he deserves. I served my country very proudly and to the best of my ability, and still today I would die for my country. Would he..? I wish I could feel about my country the way you feel about yours, but considering the way things are, I can't. At least your country is not trying to dictate to the world. My dad was a WWII veteran who, after enlisting, served in Okinawa, but was never a gung ho patriot or right winger.

By the late '60's, early '70's, especially with the Viet Nam war, he ended up hating what this government had come to stand for and assisted me in beating the draft--I don't mind admitting it. It's our government's fault that so many people feel the way they do, especially after the recent "skirmishes" and it has nothing to do with Republican v.

They're both schmucks. As a veteran, you might want to read up on the Veterans March on Washington of I found that wikipedia site interesting, It did state Washington police met with resistance, shots were fired and two veterans were wounded and later died. Veterans were also shot dead at other locations during the demonstrations. So for an Aussie off the top of my head not bad all the same I'm only just starting the process of claiming my entitlements through our veterans affairs as I've recently injured my lower back again.

The point being that these people served the U. Take what you can get. I here what you're saying and I will fight for all that I'm entitled, but I wont be out to wrought the system as I've heard many doing. I'm luckier than most i think as my mental strength has helped me cope and understand my role as a soldier and the job requirements at the levels I achieved.

I don't know if this will get deleted but I think that this may give people an insight to my own evidence on why I'm an atheist. During my service I've seen the worst of acts to man kind one could imagine and all the leaders were say they were doing it in the name of some "magic man". Be it some jockey that rides a winged horse and cuts the moon in half or The christian version which we've all heard enough. When they use children to bear arms to soldiers and then blame the soldiers for defending themselves, I think that the so called adults with all the said know and power to change all this horror with so simple yet here's the problem, humble solutions.

I realize that I was the puppet on the string in my profession as a soldier, yet I had the confidence in the Australian political systems to use the defence force. Meaning that we look after our boarders which we are very capable of doing. The International affair that transpired during my time as a serving member, changed the environment for all allied nations and then I found myself learning about Commonwealth and sovereignty very quickly. I have very strong opinions on religion and the reasons I despise it Being raised in the country as I did you soon get to see and through selective breeding programs be a small part in proving evolution in way books and documentaries have only confirmed.

It's easier for you to look after your borders , as you are surrounded by oceans on all sides. Speaking of selective breeding, it has never ceased to amaze me that Darwin was so wrong about genetics, especially as he bred dogs for a hobby. What do you mean by a truly independent nation? That is an interesting point about Darwin as I bred greyhounds for racing and looking through the blood lines of greyhounds you could see what strengths and weakness you wanted to enhance or eliminate in the bitches you intend on breeding with.

Speaking of dogs, are there many types of wolves in your country? How does a creationist tell the difference between a dog "kind" and a wolf "kind? As the creationist do in so many areas of there arguments. The thought of mircoevolution to the creationists, in my opinion would be well beyond their allowed capabilities. By allowed I meaning with an open and clearly objective mind without the influence of some pre concieved religious idea or thought'. You might want to look up Encyclopedia of American Loons - Georgia Purdom and then take a gander on You Tube at some of the videos featuring her.

You still haven't told me if there are many varieties of wolf in your country. You asked somewhere I think did jackmax know me. Yeah mate, I've known him for awhile now. I told him about this site and the interesting doco's and comments. I didn't announce we knew each other from the start, to allow him to establish his own reputation and place in the TDF community, as he's done now I believe.

A couple of my older sisters have also watched some things on here here, only one has posted and she's not done so for awhile now, too busy with work. There's nothing I've read him post about himself that I know about that is untrue, or have any reason to doubt the things I can't know about he's said.

I too envy some of the traveling he's done across and around the NW coast of Aus, I've not been there. That's some of the oldest land on the planet, he's walked and driven over much of it. If you or any of our friends from TDF get to come come over our way, between us we'll take you and show you some of the Aus that the tourists don't get to see.

Not WA, : but some here in Qld. The Barrier Reef starts a few hours drive north of here.

Patologia Manguito Rotador

Lots of bush not far away, camping and gold prospecting. Jack will get you a bush feed to taste what the original Aussies used to eat. You can live on it, but it tastes like sh1t-- Crocodile Dundee Always welcome mate. You are dreaming if you think Australia can go its own course in international affairs. You are tied to the US now with their pivot to Asia and coercion of China. Out of the frying pan Whilst having pride in self is fine, vocalising it to try and legitimize an argument about belief is questionable at best and nauseating at worst.

I don't believe it; the perfect littlebob made a spelling mistake, while continuously correcting others for theirs? You must be losing it. I understand. Robert does not suffer fools gladly, but there is something to be said for that, and I've even had a couple of mild run-ins with him myself over the last 2 years.

The way I see it, though, is that if we didn't have him here, able and willing to directly confront all kinds of faulty thinking some of it pretty blatant, some of it not , we'd be dealing with a whole lot more of it, even with the other strong commentators that we've got. So, over time, I've come to appreciate him for that. And oftentimes, too, he isn't the first to hurl an actual insult, though no one ever seems to take note of that.

And while I can't presume to speak of psychological motivations for him, you have to remember that we both live in a country where the constant attempted intrusion of religious belief into nearly every aspect of public life, an area that it has no business being in, is something that a lot of us have justly grown entirely fed up with. And seeing that private belief here, anyway inevitably attempts to dictate over public policy, it seems wise enough to confront it at its source, and whatever country it comes from.

Gatekeepers need to be big, burly, courageous Therein, I suspect, is where the passion stems from, and it's something that I can entirely understand. You don't happen to have the 'Social Chess' app for iPod4, do you? I play there occasionally, under my Pysmythe moniker, but I'm only a medium-strong amateur, and have gotten about as good at the game as I will ever be capable of, I'm afraid.

I actually know a lot more about the history and players of the game than I have skill at the board. But if you're a strong player, and enjoy playing a lot, you should install 'BabasChess' on your computer, if you haven't already. Many of the guys over there are just murderously good, but most of them are blitz players, relying on flashy moves and intimidation.

If you can talk one of them into a quiet 1 hour game, your chances will probably improve, depending Pysmythe: I understand as well. Regarding the game of chess, I, and a couple of friends play several times a week. I would define myself the same as you medium-strong amateur I will have to look into the social chess app you are refering to, and get back to you. If I can get it installed, I will be more than happy to have a few games with you. I am curious, are you american, and what area - the south? Is the religious bombardment you speak of really that bad?

I am canadian, and although it exists here as well, it is actually quite minimal regarding it's impact on our society. As I have stated on previous blogs, we tend to concern ourselves more with that which is right in front of us. I know that in eastern Canada, it is far more influential, not so much today, but especially up until the 's had strong overtones, and implications for the people who were there at that time.

Believe it or not, I do understand why people such as robertallen1 have such strong convictions on the topic. However, as a canadian, I am less receptive to over the top militant attitudes. I tend to think that U. S foreign policy, and firearms rights on U. S soil are just as dangerous as religion, and out of control. I can gaurantee you that even in Canada, those who are in charge don't want people too intelligent either.

Last, but not least, check out Robertallen1's responses to my last blog to you, and you will see that he has no desire to get along, and appears to be thriving on hate, and anger. Ultimately, this behaviour is self defeating, and destructive and prevents his intelligence from rising to the top. I do agree that he has a lot to offer, but until he overcomes this self imposed limitation, our situation will be what it will be. Either way, I am fine with it, because it has no bearing on how I live my life.

Maybe he should spend time correcting his own faulty thinking before crusading pun intended against others. Psmythe: Let me guess, you are american? Touched a nerve, did I? For the record, there are no points, and I win every time I get littlebob to lose his mind, and spout his usual comments. S: chess is a game of limited possibilities, and there is nothing genius about it!

I really couldn't care less about the games you might be playing here, but I did think you might actually be in need of a little schooling on Fischer's achievements. But, hey, if you're basically admitting to outright lying in an attempt to set people off, I have to tell you that speaks volumes about your integrity to more than just myself or robertallen on these forums.

I'm sure others will be glad to know that about you. What can I say? Knock yourself out. You might be interested to know that this is the guy who about a year ago threatened me with fisticuffs. Psmythe: where did I lie about anything? One, that is it. This was not to denounce Fischer's accomplishment, only question the validity of calling him a 'genius'. Sorry, but he does not fall into the same category as Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Mozart, etc. Secondly, all I have done is give littlebob a taste of his own medicine, and you don't like it.

You should be thanking me, because if he ever figures it out, he will become a better person because of it. The choice is yours, and if you wish to continue on this path, I will enjoy doing unto others as they would do unto me, instead of getting upset, and sulking with words that speak lots, but say nothing. So now you feel you should be thanked. For what, lying, cheating, misrepresenting and threatening? You're a fine one to talk about making someone a better person.

Psmythe has your number. You lose everytime you post. Where did I mention a single world victory against Kasporov? What about the rest of the people I cited? Once again, you're a liar and a cheat. Good thing you are not the standard by which anything important is judged! You got to love it. By having read about them in detail which is obviously more than you've ever done. You certainly set the standard by which ignorance, lying and deception can be judged. You mention "grade school childish name calling".

What is your 'littlebob' term you've been using all about then? By your own standards not to mention other's you're also small minded, as you admit you're here to play games to stir up people. As has already been pointed out, you don't answer simple questions, which also makes you a cowardly, foolish troll. As has also been stated, you've been correctly pegged by multiple posters on here now. A foolish, small minded hypocrite coward, by your own actions and admissions.

Your 'truth' is still awful. Grow a set and answer over the edge's post at the top to you. I'm betting you're too scared to be honest with him as he was with you. Since littlebob is incapable of this simple approach, he is treated accordingly, as are you Dodoman. You're really full of yourself, aren't you?

You haven't fooled anyone. The word is privilege, but I'll let it go as a typo. So you're saying you didn't answer because I wasn't what you consider 'respectful and forthright' enough. Here is a quote from you in an earlier post to me, when I said you haven't replied to our first exchange; "The awful truth is you suffer from bi-polar thinking, A or Z, nothing in between This is precisely why I never responded to your 'critical thinking' assertion, because you have nothing original to offer. Contradicting yourself. One or both must be untrue. Was it too rude for you, or not enough spirit for you?

Lets examine our first exchange, and see what was said, and if your claims are accurate or not. I explained to you why some of your probability calculations on the possibility of alien life is flawed, which included the statement; "Then you have to consider one key variable is not understood, Abiogenesis. I don't agree with your assertion that you have the answer to how life began. You all really are one angry lot of self deluded know it alls, aren't you?

No need to answer. It is a rhetorical question. My response to that was uncharacteristically quite polite, even though you didn't deserve it by then IMO, and yours apparently. I commented that as someone else had already mentioned, you seem to have some reading comprehension problems over your false claim on my supposed knowledge of Abiogenesis , and I said "your truth is Awful". It's pretty clear what has gone on is actually the reverse of what you've been claiming. You were rude, and wrong, then tried to ignore and then play the victim card when it's again pointed out.

A couple more quotes from you here on TDF, relating to your claim that you're only rude to those that are to you first. You recently had a go at robert for correcting spelling, yet you posted this to someone with a different opinion that hadn't talked to you;. Study a lot, especially how to spell. If you're going to bag people for their behaviour, judge yourself by the same standards, and be honest with yourself.

I've been reading most of the posts he's done on here. Quite the opinion of himself he has, obviously. Which he seems to believe is some grand personal epiphany, that's beyond most people's ability to comprehend, which allows a greater knowledge of all things. That's why he comes out with the 'A to Z and bipolar thinking' line he so often accuses most that don't agree with him of having. For this reason, calling him an atheist is completely wrong. If people wish to debate whether he was agnostic I don't know or spiritual, belief in higher forms of life is for people to decide for themselves.

Einstein is not here to speak for himself. Now it seems he's conveniently forgotten all about the agnostic or 'traditional religions' part of that when trying to appeal to Einsteins supposed authority on 'god'. And he doesn't know as much about the variance within some of those descriptions, i. I believe his arrogance blinds him to the fact that he's got the bipolar thinking on this topic.

Of what earthly importance is Einstein's theology?

Patologia Manguito Rotador -

His accomplishments are all that matter. However, those of Awful Truth's mentality believe that if they can demonstrate by hook or crook that a famous person, especially in the sciences, was a theist or at least had theistic leanings, somehow they've strengthened the argument for theism that is, their own brand of theism. The lies and distortions barfed up from Awful Truth's keyboard and you and others have exposed many of them render him particularly despicable. In the case of Einstein, notice how blithely he omitted the letter of , "I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly.

If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it," which, as it was written two years before his death, trumps everything before it. Yet he claims himself to be an expert on this individual. And yet he clamors for respect. Thank you, I don't recall having read that before. I find the whole 'Einstein or anyone for that matter appeal to authority' on things that were not their speciality. An obviously stupid and flawed argument.

I don't know why they keep trying with it, Awful has been going on about it for months. Who gives a hoot what Einstein believed about god either way unless for historic interest , or fashion, or his preferred dessert. His achievements were in physics, not his physique, nor his faith. As I said, I spent quite a while going back reading almost all of Awful's posts.

There are quite a few contradictions throughout. A number of times during the read I was almost ready to agree with him, then he'd make some claim or assertion that is wrong and he'd lose me. I think he knows he's not as smart as he has tried to make out, that or his ego is malignant , if not by his tone from the start to many people, and not just 'responding' as he claims but also absurd things like telling a moderator what they can and can't say to who, and when.

He's a nutter IMO, kind of reminds me of that, hmm, was it aptw or some such fool apologies if that name is not the correct one aptw, it entered my head for some reason. He's been shown to be incorrect a number of times about a number of things now, he's like jailbird Kelly was, not worth talking to after a few posts, it's just feeding a foolish troll on a one tracked, 'holier than thou', fallacy toting roam. I also see he started at disqus at other sites before coming here to TDF. He's being fed better here. He also warned Jack about the mod's ect, and said he had 'experience'.

Interesting comments from him though. I just wanted you to know that I wrote you a hell of a long reply 3 or 4 hundred words long the other night, in answer to your last post to me, and Disqus just vanished it forever into some black hole as soon as I clicked post. And that happened again today, too, when I was responding to someone else a few hours ago.

I had to rewrite the entire damned equally long thing I'll tell you, this new system of theirs really stinks!

  • Pathology and Pathogenesis of Human Viral Disease!
  • Americas Original GI Town, Park Forest, Illinois.
  • Polly of Bridgewater Farm: An Unkown Irish Story!

FWIW- I posted one with a link last night. I wanted to leave the link out so that it wouldn't go to moderation, but I had some statistics in it and felt it was proper. I still have not seen it.

In the beginning God or Big Bang? - Best Answer Pt.2

Mine didn't go into moderation, didn't even have any swear words or links in them at all, or I would've understood. They just plum up and vanished completely. All I saw were those three little black dots flashing across the screen for about 15 full minutes before I finally just gave up and hit reload.

Pysmythe: I appreciate your efforts, and thanks for the heads up. I too have had this happen to me, and the only thing I can suggest is just prior to sending a blog, I now right click and copy just before I click post. This has saved me from the grief that you have just expressed.

I still wish to try to setup the chess app you informed me about, but I have been quite distracted as of late looking after my father who is elderly, and requires a lot of attention. I will talk with you again soon. Take care,and best wishes! The Social Chess app is only for iPods, iPhones, and iPads, it's not cross-platform, but if you've got any of those you shouldn't have any problems with it. I like it better than BabasChess, because the interface is a lot more intuitive and the play is, in fact, more social.

Babas is more for hardliners, and the interface took me a couple of hours to get a good grip on. Not only that, but folks over there are pretty distant. Hardly ever will you get any kind of interaction with them at all, not even a "good game," or anything of the sort. However, you can spectate there, too, and sometimes it's fun to watch a couple of to Elo-rated players play a 5 minute blitz game, which can get pretty bloody.

I had a more detailed response in the lost post about the religious thing, but I'm gonna have to shorten this one up some. Yes, I was born and raised in the South, but left it 19 years ago, living an hour west of NYC ever since. The problem here is nationwide, though, not just down South where, granted, it's usually worse because the Christian Right pretty much outright co-opted the Republican Party back around '80, with the advent of Saint Ronnie. For me, that marks the start of this country's decline in many respects, not only as regards the religious aspect.

But ever since then, because of the grip they've continued to have on powerful conservatives, we've seen things like their push to roll back women's rights, promote creationism as legitimate science in the schools, denial of global warming, a much too ready, "patriotic" as in, basically war-mongering acceptance of this country's disastrous wars and foreign-policy decisions, and on and on. You've seen your share of it all up your way, I'm sure Troglodytes like Palin, Bachmann, the whole FuxNews clown circus I've lived in the Northeast now for quite a while, and can attest to how widespread these kinds of attitudes are, how ready so many are to scarf down all the hypocritical, self-serving, among other things bullsh-t without a second thought.

Then again, the Democratic Party lately is, in essence, simply Republican Light, and I'm pretty pissed about that, to put it very mildly. The genuine Progressive Left in this country needs to get more organized, more insistent, especially as our numbers are growing, and stop continuing to think that it has any real voice left in the Democratic Party Pysmythe: Just thought you should know that, sadly, the Canadian broadcasting system CBC is under attack from our own wingnut prime minister, Stephen Harper, and has signed on to have FOX news become one of the standard broadcasts for Canadians.

Although he is mired is his own scandals right now, it won't make a difference, because he was caught bribing someone on audio for , dollars prior to becoming the prime minister, and hard line conservatives still voted him in. His progressive conservatives were found guilty for diverting funds from one constituency to another during the election, and he prorogued shut down the house of commons when his minority government was going to be brought down during a non confidence vote. In reality, we have the same problem you do, the illusion of democracy. In my opinion, you have a 1 party system with 2 factions, backed by the same corporate involvment.

In Canada, we have a multiple party system, yet even though the elections canada act section states that no candidate can promise anything in writing prior to an election, so they can vote freely in the house of commons, the second they don't follow the party line, they are dismissed by the political party. In Canada, they avoid the appearance of collusion by changes the laws for corporate advantage, and get greased after they leave office. It is too bad, because I truly believe that we were born in the best countries, at the best time in history, and they are slowing destroying everything that the people before us fought for, so that their children would have better lives.

Since we both seem to have a good handle on our respective political quagmires, I will be happy to hear any insight you have in the future regarding your political thoughts. Your sanity is a breath of fresh air. Take care Pysmythe! I have and do exchange ideas and information here on TDF, with numerous people on multiple topics. I've learned many new things since coming here. Tried to with you initially, as that post above shows.

If you stopped talking sh1t and got off your imagined, 'Einstein induced' intellectual high-horse you might be able to practice what you preach, and we can all shut up with the BS and get back to learning something. How about we try that hey? Let us wipe the slate clean docoman, and start fresh.

I too have learned much from the discussions that take place on TDF. Yes, sometimes we are not going to agree, and it is okay to agree to disagree. In reality, we all learn from one another, and we all have our own personal biases, right and wrong that must reflected upon. In the final analysis, none of us can grow without the input from those around us.

And if you spent your time trying to obtain a real education, think how much you could accomplish. Is that people like littlebob don't understand that what makes any individual proficient in anything, is the sum total of the entire person as a whole, not just the parts that we wish to acknowledge. Here is a paraphrase from Bruce Lee. It is an all encompassing void, being neither for, nor against. Those who embrace the void, will have a love for all things! Since he sees no value in philosophy, it is beyond his comprehension. Perhaps the athiest fears death more than the religious, because he detests life, and is scared he may actually have to come back, or face the consequences of the choices he has made in this one.

You know what makes me laugh? Liars and cheats like you who try to support their deception and ignorance through appeals to authority. Reminds me of a scene in Waking Life by Richard Linklater such a thought provoking film here is an excerpt,. And this? This is like my little window to the world and every minute, it's a different show. Now, I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I'll tell you what, I accept it and just sort of glide along.

You want to keep things on an even keel I guess is what I'm saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. Saves on introductions and good-byes. The ride does not require an explanation. Just occupants. That's where you guys come in. The same underlying message I think. Once this inferior mind is silenced profound truths can be realised giving mind, body and spirit empowerment.

It is a theme that is inherent in all religions too if one looks closely. The sheer effort required to silence the mind and have the determination and discipline to carry out exercises day in day out is also an indication to me personally of a truth because as we all know one gets nothing without a great deal of hard work. It could possibly be that the hardcore atheist knows perfectly well how hard it would be to follow the teaching of religion or spirituality so takes the easy option of disbelieving simply because it cannot be proved.

The realm of the real spirit, the true artist, the saint, the philosopher, is rarely achieved. Why is world history and evolution not stories of progress but rather this endless and futile addition of zeroes? No greater values have developed. Hell, the Greeks years ago were just as advanced as we are.

So what are these barriers that keep people from reaching anywhere near their real potential?

In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not
In Defense of God - Reply to Mr Hawkins Lecture - Big Bang Did Not

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