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The ideology of fascism, Nazism, racism, colonialism thoroughly discredited itself; on the contrary, the ideas of anti-fascism, anti-colonialism, democracy, and socialism gained wide popularity. The human rights recorded in the UN Charter are internationally recognized. The influence of parties and groups that fought for democracy and social transformations—communists, socialists, social democrats, Christian democrats and other democratic forces, has sharply increased.

In many countries, significant reforms carried out: partial nationalization of industry and banks, the creation of a state system of social insurance, the expansion of workers' rights. In some countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Japan, have adopted new, democratic constitutions.

5 Amazing World War II Stories That Deserve to Be Movies

There was a profound renewal of the society, democratization of state and public institutions. The colonial system disintegration was another significant result and consequence of the Second World War. Before the war, the vast majority of the world's population lived in colonies, the area, and population of which many times exceeded the metropolitan countries: Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, and Japan. In , India became independent, divided into two dominions: India and Pakistan. The intense process of liberation of the colonial peoples began, which continued until the complete abolition of the colonies in the second half of the twentieth century.

As a result of the war, the balance of forces in the world has changed dramatically. Germany, Italy, Japan were defeated, for a time turned into dependent countries, occupied by foreign troops.

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The war destroyed their economy, and they for many years could not compete with their former competitors. Compared with the pre-war time, the positions of France and even Great Britain weakened considerably. The USA came out of the war significantly strengthened. Having surpassed all other countries economically and militarily, the United States became the sole leader of the capitalist world. The second "superpower" was the Soviet Union.

The Fallen of World War II

By the end of the war, the Soviet Union had the most massive land army in the world and substantial industrial potential. Some countries liberated by the Soviet Union took the road of non-capitalist development. After the liberation from the occupiers in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, people's democratic governments were established with the participation or under the leadership of the Communists, who began profound social transformations.

By the Yalta agreements , these countries were considered to be the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union and were in fact under its control. The day after the attack, Congress declared war on Imperial Japan with only a single dissenting vote. Faced with these realities and incensed by the attack on Pearl Harbor, everyday Americans enthusiastically supported the war effort. Isolation was no longer an option.

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Explore Museum assets—from oral histories to online resources to exhibit content to essays by our historians—to learn more about the African American experience in World War II. The war correspondent and the entertainer shared a mission to connect with those in service during World War II.

The WWII generation came of age in an era when popular literature condemned the futility of war. The Great Debate. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Ww2 Poems Blitz

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Did the Blitz really unify Britain? Year 6 — North Denes Primary School.

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Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II
Great Ideas of World War II Great Ideas of World War II

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