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Lester attempts to talk to her. He asks her if he can see her breasts. She refuses him. Lester does not seem angry but he then leaves. He goes outside to retrieve his rifle. Lester then shoots the girl from outside. He goes inside to take her body. While he is dragging the lifeless corpse out, he sets the house on fire. For the rest of the book, Lester continues to stalk the mountainside looking for victims.

He moves into a cave in the mountain. He also begins stealing food from a local farmer named Greer. Lester also tries to kill Greer. It is because of this that Lester ends up in jail. The sheriff and other townspeople finally begin to suspect that Lester has killed the women. When Lester wakes up one morning in his cell, he is accosted by a mob of angry men. They demand that Lester show them where the bodies are. Lester agrees and takes the men to the caves. While he is leading them through small holes and spaces, he manages to loose them. Lester hides in a cave for about three weeks.

He survives off of rats and creek water. After that time, he finds his way out of the cave and checks himself into a metal health hospital. Lester is never charged with the crimes he committed. He lives the rest of his life in a mental hospital. Some time later, the townspeople finally find the bodies of the missing girls in a cave.

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Section I, 1 - Section I, Section I , 44 - How then is he borne up? Or rather, why will not these waters take him? Passages such as that reveal why McCarthy, like Faulkner, is so tough to translate to the screen. The lines, lyrically pitched and deeply interior, pressurized with visceral and spiritual chaos, embody the imaginative spirit of the story in a manner no image can duplicate. Reading a McCarthy novel one is a participant in the dynamics of his imagination and a reveler in the language which conveys that imagination.

In the cinema, though, one is merely a viewer, a consumer of those dynamics now shorn of their complexity and force. One might as well try to film Dante.

Franco, in other words, has waded out of his depth with McCarthy, and so is forced into spirit-stomping simplification. One wishes he would stick to acting—few of his generation do it better—instead of attempting to be the filmic ambassador for American literature. McCarthy knows otherwise; the novel ends with Ballard moribund in a psychiatric hospital, sentenced to a sort of purgatory.

Sign Up. I want the dead to be dead. And I want to be one of them. Except that of course you cant be one of them. You cant be one of the dead because what has no existence can have no community. No community. My heart warms just thinking about it. And all of it only a heartbeat away. They are often unsure that they can communicate directly with God, but they pray to their departed loved ones, and the confidence that these prayers are heard is the foundation of whatever faith they have.

To put it another way: Rather than believing in what Christians call the communion of saints because they believe in God, their belief in God, strong or weak, springs from their belief in a communion of saints. At the end of The Road —a novel about a father and son journeying together toward the sea through a post-Apocalyptic landscape—the father dies and the boy is taken in by another family of survivors.

The woman said that was all right.

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She said that the breath of God was his breath yet though it pass from man to man through all of time. Call it superstition or whatever you want I listen to what she says and what she says makes good sense. I could use all the help I can get. Hands from which all those blessings flowed.

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Hands I never tired to look at. Shaped in the image of God. To make the world. To make it again and again. To make it in the very maelstrom of its undoing. Then as he began to fade I knelt in the grass and I prayed for the first time in my life. I prayed as men must have prayed ten thousand years ago to their dead kin for guidance and I knew that he would guide me all my days and that he would not fail me, not fail me, not ever fail me.

Such passages can of course be interpreted metaphorically or psychologically—they can be naturalized. But insofar as they bear a theological interpretation, they would seem to insist that our experience of God is often, if not always, mediated by other persons, the spirits of those we loved or admired in this world. And if I said that there aint no way for Jesus to be ever man without ever man bein Jesus then I believe that might be a pretty big heresy.

It aint as big a heresy as saying that a man aint all that much different from a rock. Which is how your view looks to me. The decidedly non-heretical idea behind these words is that the Incarnation was only possible because man was created in the image of God to begin with.

Man was the natural thing for God to become when He entered into his own creation.

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I think the answer is yes, once we know how to look for it. Because we cannot save ourselves unless we save all ourselves. I had this dream but did not heed it. And so I lost my way. Since Black is a kind of freelance preacher, his way of making the point does sound more like a sermon.

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He tells White:. He said you could have life everlastin.

I Am A Child Of God

Have it today. Hold it in your hand. That you could see it. It gives off a light. Not much. Warm to the touch. Just a little. And you can have it. But you dont want it. You dont want it cause to get it you got to let your brother off the hook. You got to actually take him and hold him in your arms and it dont make no difference what color he is or what he smells like or even if he dont want to be held. And the reason you wont do it is because he dont deserve it. And about that there aint no argument.

He dont deserve it. You wont do it because it aint just. What keeps us from accepting what Black calls life everlasting is precisely our narrow sense of desert, that job-book we keep clutching as it disintegrates in our hands. We want more than justice, but we are afraid to settle for less. We want grace, but are afraid of what it might require of us. In one sense, it requires nothing. Grace is by definition given freely to anyone who will accept it; it is not a thing one must earn; it is not a thing one can earn.

Like Ben Teflair, whose wife has to remind him:. You said there were some things that people didnt have to deserve. You said there were some things you couldnt deserve. Things so sweet or so precious or even just so common to all humanity that there was no deserving them they just were given and you couldnt question them whether they fell to you or to someone else you couldnt question them. When we first meet him, Ballard is just a pathetic misfit; as the novel proceeds he gradually becomes a monster.

Child of God: A Novel Child of God: A Novel
Child of God: A Novel Child of God: A Novel
Child of God: A Novel Child of God: A Novel
Child of God: A Novel Child of God: A Novel
Child of God: A Novel Child of God: A Novel

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