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Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Sweet Regency paranormal. But when handsome war-hero Lord Winterton comes calling, Neala opens the door and Winterton instantly wants her for his bride! But Neala refuses the nobleman's proposal and will marry him only when he's bewitched by love and not by magic.

Naturally, it would be golden-haired Lilibet, since plain Neala, at one-and-twenty was simply. As legend had it, the dress was sprinkled with fairy dust; all Lilibet has to do is touch it, and the very next man she meets will fall beneath her spell. But when the handsome war hero Lord Winterton came calling, it was Neala who answered the door. The smitten Winterton wants Neala for his bride. But Neala has her pride. She would never leg-shackle the fine nobleman by trickery.

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