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She's got the years of hands on experience to back it all up. Best of all, she has the quickest bullshit detector in the industry and she's not afraid to use it. When I started devoting more time to my freelance writing business nearly a decade ago, All Freelance Writing was one of the first websites I started to read.

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Through the site, through the years, I have learned so much valuable information. Things that have made me think more about what I was doing and how I was doing it. In my view Jenn Mattern is a leading global voice for the freelance community. I feel fortunate to be a reader and to have benefited from her wise content. I feel even more fortunate to call her a colleague and friend. No erroneous information here — Jenn knows her stuff and practices what she preaches.

Lori Widmer Words on the Page. Jennifer has been an inspiration to me and my freelance writing career since the first day I started following her work. She's an experienced freelance writer with many other skills at her disposal, which is simply magnificent.

If you are a new or even experienced freelance writer looking to improve your skills and knowledge, learning from the best, I highly recommend that you follow Jennifer. Ruan Oosthuizen Search Vector Media. Her expertise and 'tell it like it is' attitude is a blessing I was thankful to discover. Cathy Miller Simply Stated Business. Subscribe to All Freelance Writing to receive blog updates, subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive special offers, and new resources to help you build a successful freelance writing business.

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Send me your freelance writing questions. Latest Freelance Writing Articles. Featured Freelance Writing Jobs. Find Jobs. Find Freelance Writers Or advertise your freelance writing services in the freelance writer directory. Science, politics, and arts writer with generalist capabilities open to all offers white papers, marketing, etc.

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I called myself every name other than a writer. Own the title proudly and watch your confidence soar. I am an advocate for mentoring. As writers, we are constantly evolving. I am still growing and learning as a writer, so are many writers, especially the budding writers. We all want to be masters of the craft, someday. It is therefore important that we learn from the masters.

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It will help us grow exponentially. Most famous writers had mentors in the early stages of their writing careers. Ernest Hemingway had a mentor. As a young man, he was mentored by Sherwood Anderson, who helped him get his first publishing deal.

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Neil Gaiman also had a mentor. His mentor was Alan Moore. And the list goes on.

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To be a master of the craft, you must show up and do the work. Look at it this way. You have a 9—5 job that requires you to turn up 5 days a week or even more days, in some cases.

You show up every single day to do the work, unless life happens right? To be great at writing, you must write every day. You cannot write at random. You cannot show up every 6 months to write. You write every day- well, almost every day. I wrote my books while holding down a 9—5 job. I wrote while commuting. I still write while commuting to work. To crave only quiet places to write, in my opinion, is an excuse not to write.

A good place to start is to decide how many words you can write a day and commit to it. Jeff Goins does it. Look where he is today. Nicolas Cole writes 10, words a day. He is super successful as a writer. My son wrote every day, for a whole year. He is not yet successful as a writer, but his perseverance to write every day for a year was inspiring. Such mindset will set him up for success someday. Consistency is the key to becoming a successful writer.

Granted, it is not always easy, but I am thriving to follow this rule- one day at a time. It is important for a writer to have more than one skill. My books could have sold better if I knew how to promote them.

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Since realizing this, I have learned a few things about marketing and advertising. These are skills every writer should have. I am also learning podcasting. I have always shied away from it. A friend of mine tells me podcasting is easy to master. It looks as if he could be right because I am beginning to make progress. I am obviously not saying you should be a jack of all trade. Far from it, but mastering one or two additional skills to complement your writing skills will stand you in good stead.

Give them support and encouragement. You were once a newbie like them.

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