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Way of Being. Description A profound and deeply personal collection of essays by renowned psychologist Carl Rogers The late Carl Rogers, founder of the humanistic psychology movement and father of client-centered therapy, based his life's work on his fundamental belief in the human potential for growth. Capobianco capably demonstrates that, for Heidegger, the early Greeks experienced Being as pure emerging, giving this emerging the various names physis , zoe , and aletheia.

The chapter concludes with a fascinating analysis of Heidegger's difficult meditations on signs Zeichen and language as they relate to Being.

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Chapter Six continues the analysis of Heidegger's lectures on Heraclitus, focusing now on the lectures on Logos. Capobianco's short but incisive analysis demonstrates incontrovertibly that within this lecture course Heidegger understood Logos , as the primordial fore-gathering whereby beings come to presence, to be an operation antecedent to, and thereby structurally independent of, any human activity This chapter further indicates the extent to which Heidegger understood Logos , aletheia , and physis to all name, in different registers, the same process: namely, Being itself as manifestation.

Overall, this book is outstanding in its rigor and attentiveness to Heidegger's subtlety, and Capobianco makes an adamantine case in favor of his thesis. In the spirit of scholarly conversation, however, I will mention three issues that arose for me throughout reading this book: the first pertaining to a mater of form, the second and third to more philosophically substantial concerns.

From the outset, this book sets itself against other commentators who have argued that 'meaning' and 'meaning-making,' rather than Being itself, had remained Heidegger's foremost philosophical focus. Capobianco makes a compelling and clear case that such commentators have missed the extent to which Heidegger, throughout his career, gave priority to Being as "the temporal-spatial emerging and shining-forth of beings in their beingness" 7 over the meaning-making activities of the human being.

However, given that Capobianco intends his book as a corrective to what he sees as a flawed perspective within Heidegger scholarship and a regrettable 'forgetfulness of being' that accompanies this perspective , the book would have benefited from a more direct and sustained engagement with the work of those scholars who hold this perspective.

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As is, his engagement with other scholarship takes place almost entirely within footnotes, and even then rather cursorily. However, though a more direct interaction with these scholars would have served to make Capobianco's own relation to them clearer, it doubtlessly would also have detracted from his own close textual analyses of Heidegger's works and disrupted the rhythm of this smoothly flowing book.

ruhanefakysi.ml Thus, even without this more explicit engagement with the work of these scholars, Capobianco's book nonetheless remains strong in its own right. The second issue pertains to Capobianco's understanding of poetry -- or, rather, to his use of it.

Throughout his book -- indeed, from its very epigram -- Capobianco adduces the work of various poets as evidence of the poet's ability to 'see,' and cor respond to, Being's manifestation. The implication is thus that non-German poets would be capable of cor responding to the 'gleaming' of Being that addresses them. One wonders if Heidegger himself would have agreed that an American poet would be capable of saying Being in the way that Capobianco claims. However, regardless of whether or not Heidegger would have seen an American poet as capable of responding meaningfully to nature's gleaming, Capobianco makes a seductive case that this is indeed so.

The final issue pertains to Capobianco's poetic descriptions of Boston Harbor in Chapter 3 and the Tequesta 'sentinel' in Chapter 5. Despite the beauty of Capobianco's description of Boston Harbor reminiscent of Heidegger's work on the four-fold , one wonders what the Heidegger of The Question Concerning Technology and The Memorial Address -- or even the Heidegger of Le Thor , which Capobianco frequently draws upon to make his case -- would have said looking at the same scene.

Would Heidegger have thought that the motorized ferry set up for transport-on-demand across the harbor, or the wharf laid out in such a way as to best accommodate the maximum number of shoppers offering everything from mass-produced bottled water and cotton candy to a replica of the Cheers bar , truly reveal the 'homecoming' that Capobianco has so beautifully described?

A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being
A Way of Being A Way of Being

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